Our incubated startups

Assur Connect

insurtech 100%on line and 100% sport market
1st website for sport trainers : www.assur-coachsportif.com
coming in 2019 :esport website dedicated to teams, gamers and organizers
aslo coming 2 websites on a B2B approachs for french sport federations

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Avanseo is a marketplace lender and a cutting-edge risk assessment technology that offers small businesses a significantly better access to working capital loans. Applying AI and automation technologies, Avanseo eliminates the complexity associated with traditional business finance.

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CinetPay is the payment solution which allows you to accept all Mobile Money payments by Credit Card and other Wallets in more than 8 countries in Africa on your website, Mobile application, Payment Terminal, Payment Terminal with or without connection Internet.

CinetPay, more than a payment solution, a partner of your growth.

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Cresh stands for Credit at Shopping Cart.

Pay easily in monthly payment with Cresh.When banks issue a financing agreement between 20min to 1h, Cresh delivers the payment in 3 seconds.The meet the needs of consumers who seek simplicity, speed and transparency. We also support merchants with an onmichannel solution, which is deployed online and in stores.

Cresh is the best financing solution and we are the pioneers to enter a market representing several hundred billion euros.

#financing #payment #Fintech


Datakeen is the Artificial Intelligence platform centered on improving customers and employees experiences.


DataValoris with its unique and disruptive Artificial Intelligence technology allow customer to create or unleash their Neural Networks to raise productivity by 20% or deliver new services to customers.

#Intelligence Artificielle #B2B #SAAS #Big Data


Lidix improves and simplifies management of insurer, counsellor and client contracts. Lidix publishes digital management solutions improving productivity, customer relationship and adapted to current consumer behavior

#Insurtech #LifeInsurance #Digitalization #Modernize #Productivity #Saas #UX


Mila is a project to create a new insurance company specialized in real estate related insurance product. It aims at offering insurance product for Real Estate managers.

#Insurance, #immobilier, #BtoBtoC, #innovation


Based on the latest advances of Behavioral Finance, Neuroprofiler is a MiFIDII-compliant customer Risk Profiler for Financial Advisors.

#RegTech #Machine_Learning #Finance_comportementale #MIFID2


NovaLend digitize leasing and brings companies to the subscription model. This new commercial service allows our partners to increase their b2b customers’ loyalty. Through our platform, they can offer and finalize a leasing contract in real time, increasing their sales and margins.

#Leasing #Abonnement #Digital #B2B #Équipement


OnlyOne is a sustainable financial institution, which has developed an all-in-1 application where spending, saving and earning money is synonymous with a positive impact for our future.In addition to efficiently managing your accounts and your card, you benefit from an impact marketplace with advice from your eco-coach.

In a few clicks,

1- A digital payment account, the key and central element of consumption and all financial flows

2- Tools to measure and support your ecological impact thanks to the Impact Score & Eco-coach

3- A positive impact marketplace in order to consume, invest or save according to our common values

OnlyOne, finance differently.

#NoImpactNoGain #ImpactNow #NoActionNoFuture #FinanceAutrement


Opensee delivers big data analytics and cloud computing solutions for risk management:

i) high performance data storage, aggregation and visualization with workflow adjustments, optimized computations and cross-analysis;

ii) highly parallel cloud-based distribution for large-scale risk calculations.

#BigData #CloudComputing


PayGreen is the first online payment solution to tackle social and environmental issues through two services: Online Rounding Up and Tree, the carbon offset algorithm.

#Fintech #CRM #ESS #Positive_Impact


ShareGroop, the first personnalised payment solution

Offer the right payment method to the right customer at the right time. Buy Now Pay Later for online shopping, Gift Card for festive periods or Split Payment for group experiences.... Customise your payment experience !

#Customisation #Payment #UserExeperience #SMARTPAYMENT


Spend less,enjoy more !

Shared subscription keeps your wallet happy !

#subscription #share #marketplace


Free up your agents' time, secure and align responses, save money thanks to automation. Accelerate your development by analyzing weak signals.

TeamBrain handles 100% of all questions in your ecosystem, automates the answers and their capitalization.

#anti-chatbot #knowledge maintenance #automation #expertise #AI#machine learning #weak signals #empathy#regtech#agent enhancement

Vadis Technologies

We give transparency when trust is unreliable !

Fast growing Brussels based regtech, we use Data Analytics on companies data to build third-party risk monitoring, know-your-business solutions.

We transform public and private data to help our clients gain insights about counterparty risks.

With our unique Data-Analytics-as-a-Service approach, we offer visibility on group structure through UBO, financial and non-financial risk scoring tools, insights on AML and fraud cases.

#regtech #KYB #KYS #analytics #riskscoring #sapin2


VIALINK is a key RegTech player, setting new standards for regulatory business process digitalization. Our award-winning and certified software solutions are recognized throughout Europe. VIALINK has built its success on its extensive experience of the most demanding industry sectors in terms of personal data protection and trust, such as finance. We design innovative digital solutions to automate, secure and increase efficiency of critical and complex customer processes across all channels (in branches, remotely, online).



The first mobile-only tax-free provider

The traditional tax-free process is a time consuming, dated experience, and in most cases a largely offline experience. This is where we differ!

In Woonivers, we’re reinventing Tax-Free shopping, providing a mobile-only, contactless and multichannel solution.



Yakman est une Fintech créée en 2016 établie à Nantes et Paris ayant mis en place un modèle innovant de financement participatif appliqué à la couverture de risques. La solution est distribuée en B2B2C via une plateforme digitale gérant l'intégralité de la création et de la distribution de produits de protection ainsi que l'ensemble du parcours client.