Eligibility criteria

Eligible startups:

  • Being a young and innovative company founded less than 8 years ago
  • Being relevant within the themes covered by the call for proposal
  • Being in development phase or with a first distributed product

The following criteria will be assessed for every case :

  • The innovation brought by the project/product/service
  • The business development potential of the company
  • The business plan’s credibility and soundness
  • The match between the project and our corporate strategic goals
  • The quality of the team and its complementarity in business
  • The desire/commitment to rent workspace (closed offices or coworking spaces) inside Le Swave’s building

The goals of Le Swave

Le Swave is located in La Grande Arche, the most iconic building of La Défense’s business district, 10 minutes away from downtown Paris. Our 2 500 m² are divided between coworking spaces, private offices, living spaces and a showroom ; all remarkably connected to the financial sector ecosystem.


In order to ensure your development and to be able to support your growth, Le Swave will also be counting on the opening of additional spaces dedicated to corporates in 2021. Once your acceleration is complete, (if there are enough offices)  you will have  the possibility of not having to change your address while keeping in touch with our community!


Le Swave’s manifesto :

  • Fostering  the development of young and innovative start-ups of the financial sector. A special attention will be given to the entities in their 3rd year of existence and beyond for this call for proposal.
  • Structuring and facilitating collaboration between corporate groups and start-ups on a dedicated platform. Le Swave is a connector. It organises the life of both corporate and start-ups ecosystems and works on creating a sustainable deal flow between them.
  • Creating excellence in the financial sector.
  • Leveraging on the expertise of Paris&Co’s network of private and institutional partners.
  • Being a catalyst of financial innovation in Europe and in the world.

The platform targets four main lines of innovation

Uses and Users

2020 proved that uses not only need to be modernized but must be modernized and can be modernized. This is what users want. Quarantine impacted consumers behaviors, trust and desires. Financial services are no exception. They even were a leading forces in the process. May they be individuals and companies, the users have shown strong desires for change. We’re now looking for solutions to match these expectations and to anticipate them.

Our partners have a keen interest in the following business segment:

  • Solutions facilitating credit to SME,
  • Open Data, Data valuation and protection,
  • Personal finance management assistant,
  • Adding value to payment card with new services,
  • How to manage multi-restricted use cases with one payment method (meal vouchers, gifts, commute, etc),
  • Facilitation of reward/cashback programs,
  • « Request-to-pay » management and use cases,
  • Online payment experience improvement,
  • PoS Payment Experience (peripheric uses, new services, dematerialization),
  • Identifying and anticipating customers’ life moments (wedding, children studies, retirement, …),
  • New services and value proposition for wealth management for insurers,
  • Gamification of the customer relationship in the insurance business (from KYC to relationship management),
  • Implementation and development of new loyalty programs in the insurance field,
  • Customisation of uses and services through identification,
  • Big Data & Customers’ Profiling,
  • UX Design & Plateformization,

Companies & Employees

Modernization of companies in the financial services in under way. 2020 shed even more light on the need for organizations to become more agile in order to face the unexpected (a global pandemic, for instance). However, in many companies, the weight of the IT legacy is not taken into account when innovation is at the door. Yet, the most common denominator to every successful experimentation relies on the fact that the solutions were easy to implement. The second underlying key-point of this pillar is the use and management of data. Data and IT solutions must be a way for organizations to let their employees focus on value-adding tasks relying on a higher level of expertise.

Our partners have a keen interest in the following business segment:

  • IT solutions to support global infratructures,
  • New AI solutions : conception and implementation,
  • Conventional and unconventional data to support AI solutions,
  • Integration of conversational tools from GAFAM (WhatsApp, etc…) and natural language processing,
  • Augmented financial research,
  • Real-time cash-flow management in the payment sector,
  • Digital solutions to include public and government dataset,
  • Pricing & Risk Management and predictive modeling,
  • Payment & Data processing,
  • Workflow-integrating plateforms,
  • Market intelligence 2.0
  • Profiling & Scoring for augmented advisory,
  • Platformisation tools,
  • Productivity tools,
  • Smart database management for customer relationship
  • New CRM solutions for better financial services,

The responsibility principle

Key values of Le Swave since its launch in 2017, Responsibility and Sustainability are now, more than ever, in the hear of companies and citizens’ concerns. New behaviors initiated or accelerated during the CoVid-19 crisis underline a growing awareness for social and environmental in consumers’ choices and corporate strategies. As such, how can you be part of that dynamic and be the “real deal” of this shift in paradigm in the financial services.

Our partners have a keen interest in the following business segment:

  • Climate finance and Investment,
  • Ani-fraud solutions & Anomalies detections,
  • RegTech & Responsible gaming,
  • Cybersecurity & Transparency,
  • New solidarities in Personal finances Management,
  • Measuring corporate values and impacts,
  • Application of ecological behaviors to payment,
  • PRIs and SDGs in the banking and insurance sectors,
  • Environmental and social risk management,
  • Funding real and sustainable economy,
  • Building trust in the Company-to-user relationship

How to apply?

Step 1: Submission of application

All you have to do is create an account on the Agorize platform and fill in the application form with a business plan or an executive summary.

During a call for applications, other complementary documents may be requested (administrative documents).

Step 2: Pre-selection and study of the file

Your application will be reviewed by the Swave team as well as by the platform partners.

Step 3: Switch to selection committee

You will present your project at a selection committee composed of:

  • partners of the platform;
  • external experts (entrepreneurs, financers, business experts ...);
  • a member of Paris & Co.

The application process, from filing to selection committee, can take up to 3 months and guarantees total confidentiality. Integration within the incubator is based on the available places in our premises located Grande Arche of Defense, 1 Parvis de la Defense 92044 Puteaux.

Paris & Co, a strong signal

Our selection process is fair and objective. Each file is submitted to the appreciation of various trades and partners, each representative on the selection committee having one voice without exception. The favorable or negative outcome of the committee will depend on the number of votes won in the jury. At the end of this process, 10% of the applicants on average are actually integrated.