Our incubated startups

AML Factory

AML Factory provides a global solution for companies subject to Anti-Money-Laundering and Counter the Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) regulation to be compliant at any time and for any obligation. The fear of business-killing sanctions is over : focus only on your core business and your business development ! For the regulators, AML Factory will be a guarantee of compliance to every standards in order to secure the financial system

#Complianceasaservice #AntiMoneyLaundering #CounterFinancingTerrorism #Machinelearning


APPI offers a multi-currency wallet (FIAT & Cryptos) accessible by API, coupled with a digital Identity server compliant with EIDAS, GDPR & OpenID connect. We deliver a KYC portal compliant with AML4 and GDPR, enabling customer on-boarding in under 8 minutes via our white-labelled platform.


Assur Connect

insurtech 100%on line and 100% sport market
1st website for sport trainers : www.assur-coachsportif.com
coming in 2019 :esport website dedicated to teams, gamers and organizers
aslo coming 2 websites on a B2B approachs for french sport federations

#insurtech #insuranceforsport #Esportinsurance #ticketingforsportevents


Avanseo is a marketplace lender and a cutting-edge risk assessment technology that offers small businesses a significantly better access to working capital loans. Applying AI and automation technologies, Avanseo eliminates the complexity associated with traditional business finance.

#Bigdata #AI #TPE #Trésorerie #Crowdlending


Blockpulse is a market place to issue, trade and manage SMEs securities in a compliant environment. Blockpulse disrupt private equity investment by allowing immediate liquidity and property transfer on secondary market in 2 clicks.

#tokenization #liquity #startupfundraising #sto


Blocs & Compagnie develops Blockchain-based personal and professional data management applications. For the Fintech domain, we propose audit-trail solutions for digitized Business Data.

#Blockchain #Processus_métiers #Traçabilité #Audit #Données_personnelles


C2Corner help brands and entrepreneurs, through our advanced software, logistics and sales solutions, to sell their products on online marketplaces around the world.


DataValoris with its unique and disruptive Artificial Intelligence technology allow customer to create or unleash their Neural Networks to raise productivity by 20% or deliver new services to customers.

#Intelligence Artificielle #B2B #SAAS #Big Data

Descartes Underwriting

Descartes is a B2B InsurTech company acting as a Managing General Agency. Descartes Underwriting’s core competency relies in its best-in class risk modelling and capacity to design bespoke and innovative insurance covers. We take advantage of new data sources: they come from the Internet of Things (IoT), from our clients, from remote sensing technologies (e.g. Sentinel data) or from third parties. The team deploys cutting edge solutions which leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. 

#weatherrisks #NatCat #satellite #datascience


EuroPass is the European leader in the implementation of Chinese digital solutions. We are both a digital communication agency and a payment solution provider able to define and set up marketing and communication strategies targeting Chinese FIT (Free Independent Travellers). We also develop a unique ecosystem within Chinese platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba…) to be the link between Chinese travellers and the World. We offer travellers an easy, convenient and secure way to travel around the World thanks to our offices in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Casablanca, Lausanne, London, DubaÏ, Shenzhen and Shanghai. 

#China #Social Media #Mobile #payment
Créée le 23/04/2019 http://europasschina.com/


Finense is a collaborative platform where peoples can manage their money with their trusted peers.  Finense allows you to effectively manage the money of those who rely on you to help them on a daily basis. We are a Fintech for Good.


Jenji is the first realtime, data-driven expense management platform. Using Deep Learning and best-in-class mobile apps, Jenji optimizes the whole process from the receipt to the accounting and payroll systems. Our ROI is immediate and customers typically gain 2-3% recoverable VAT.

#Notes_de_frais #Deep_Learning #Data #SaaS #B2B


Kesitys provides its clients, market operators, with innovative financial mathematics tools that enable them to manage the risk of their derivative portfolios in an automatic and optimized way. 



Lidix improves and simplifies management of insurer, counsellor and client contracts. Lidix publishes digital management solutions improving productivity, customer relationship and adapted to current consumer behavior


Monemprunt.com is the search solution for real estate credit 100% online, fast, FREE, with a dedicated financial expert throughout the process.


Based on the latest advances of Behavioral Finance, Neuroprofiler is a MiFIDII-compliant customer Risk Profiler for Financial Advisors.

#RegTech #Machine_Learning #Finance_comportementale #MIFID2


Newspill is an innovative media focusing on News that impact your bank account.

Everyday, you receive impactful news that will move financial markets. Sysmo suggests you an asset likely to be impacted (stock, index, commodities, etc.) and lets you trade seamlessly thanks to a chatbot. Our AI engine gives you insights explaining the reaction of the market after a news event, helps you to become a smarter news consumer, and eventually teaches you to make better trading decisions.

#Learn #Play #Earn


NovaLend digitize leasing and brings companies to the subscription model. This new commercial service allows our partners to increase their b2b customers’ loyalty. Through our platform, they can offer and finalize a leasing contract in real time, increasing their sales and margins.

#Leasing #Abonnement #Digital #B2B #Équipement


Onfido is a software company that helps businesses verify people's identities using a photo-based identity document, a selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Créée le 08/04/2019 http://onfido.com


PayGreen is the first online payment solution to tackle social and environmental issues through two services: Online Rounding Up and Tree, the carbon offset algorithm.

#Fintech #CRM #ESS #Positive_Impact


Paykrom, the European neobank for entrepreneurs: your online accounts, your estimated budgets and your formalities on your smartphone.

#neobank #neobanque #entrepreneurs


Pledg in an innovative payment solution which allows one person to buy for a group without advancing people's share or waiting that they pay. It is the first solution to offer instant payment to the merchant

#paiement #partage #ecommerce #collaboratif #fintech

QSP - Quick Surety Protection

In the rental market, there is a big gap between the real needs of the tenants and the criterias of access imposed by this market. That's why QSP decided to break codes by developing a scoring tool based on innovative criterias, to improve rental access conditions.


As Insurance Industry faces increasing regulation constraints (Solency 2, IDD, GDPR, AML/CFT...), InsurTech Scoree platform helps Insurers to easily control their broker’s compliance,  and accompanies brokers in their own compliance procedures.

Scoree aims to become the ‘rating agency’ of insurance Brokers in France and Europ


Shoyo is the 1st investor passport registered in the blockchain. It adapts to all the questionnaires of the financial actors. No more repetitive and intrusive steps. Subscribers finally take back ownership of their data. From the point of view of financial actors, Shoyo facilitates onboarding customers. It responds to regulatory constraints, allows access to reliable and up-to-date data and allows more time for advice.


SMiLE is an advanced portfolio management platform, offering state-of-the-art investment technologies with highly customized investment assistants.

Should you be a novice investor or a highly skilled investment professional, SMiLE will enrich your investment experiences and your interactions with markets, and people.


Thesaurio offers end-to-end digital assets management solutions, from a company issuing assets to their clients using them. Thesaurio handles security, compliance and user experience to become a gateway to the New Economy.

#Compliance #UserExperience #Blockchain


TIPSmeee is a French Fintech providing payment services to collect tips or spontaneous donations by payment card on a smartphone.

For example, our service adressing to waiters (s), charities organizing street donations collections, hairdresser (s), artist (s) affected by a decrease in tips / donations due to the gradual disappearance of money for the benefit of the payment card.

 TIPSmeee, supplier of Generosity


Tont'in is a mobile app that helps people create and manage rotative savings clubs with their friends and family members


Wire-fraud costs annualy millions of euros to corporates. Trustpair use a data-driven approach to wire-fraud detection combining assessment of bank account ownership and identification of anomalous payment behavior.

#Fraud_prevention #SaaS #B2B #insurance #big-data

Turbo Cereal

Turbo Cereal is the first financial exchange place of the agricultural sector. The solution
creates an innovative investment vehicle that allows the farmer to finance his
production cycle and pay his suppliers while creating value. The use of Blockchain, AI,
machine learning and tokens technologies creates financial and ecological value while
keeping a spirit of fair distribution within the sector.

#Financeverte #Agriculture #Paiement #Blockchain #Fintech #économiecirculaire


UDeal is the escrow service securing the sale and purchase operations of used goods, associating payment to a blockchain certification of the transaction. The app works with all goods and classified ads sites. It allows users to exchange goods without risking fraud for a 5% fee with a maximum of 29€.

#fintech #payment #blockchain #safety


Created in 2014, Utocat proposes a blockchain access platform to facilitate and accelerate the projects of the financial sector. Besides, the venture has created Catalizr, a non-listed securities management solution that reconciles banks and real economy.

#blockchain #économie réelle #titres non cotés #éditeur de logiciel #fintech


Xaalys, neobank for teenagers, remotely piloted by their parents, aims to support parents in the financial education of their children. Scalable and adaptable, the offer can be declined and personalized, there are as many versions of XAALYS as families.

#Education_financière #Adolescents #Banque_mobile #Gamification

Ze Profile

Ze Profile is an application which enable consumers to monetize their data within the new GDPR and e-Privacy regulatory framework.The individual user controls its data and selects promotional offers he wants to receive thanks to its profile.

#data #monétisation #e-commerce


AI technology for insurers, to make them enter the era of augmented employees.

#Intelligence_Artificielle #Big_Data #B2B